During my studies at the college, I learnt the importance of having a good, solid ‘mindset’. This is applicable in any situations or environment, in studies, work or art creation. One must have a good, solid ‘mindset’ - if you choose to give up just because things are difficult, then perhaps you are not that keen on the choices you have made. At Dasein, I met some people, I gained some inspiration and it led me to make some very different choices in life. There are both good and bad ones, but c'est la vie - learning never stops.


Update & Check-in with Dasein Alumni
  • Alvin is the Creative Director of AE Live (Malaysia)
  • His has previously worked at Streamline Studios, PolyAssets United Inc., Animamundi Studio, Base FX, Ignite TV
  • His take on creativity is, "Creativity is life. It stems from our thoughts, it fuels passion in our everyday lives."
  • Tips for juniors joining the program, "Follow your heart. Life is short. Have courage to pursue what you like and what you want!"


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