Browse the list of companies, agencies, studios, art galleries - all whom are the driving force of Malaysia's creative industry that have employed or currently employing Dasein graduates. Some of these companies are even established or run by our alumni or (part-time) lecturers. 

Dasein Academy of Art is proud to be voted as one of the institutions with high employability ratings according to the 2021 National Employability Index (formerly known as Talentbank Best Universities) - 100% voted by leading graduate employers.

What The Industry Says

Dasein grads we hired through careful selection are mostly willing to take on challenges with a positive attitude; which is the crucial requirement for any professional artist to survive in the ever demanding creative industry.

Lim Kian Leong
CUE Art & Design

Dasein college have a good educate and practical system. Most graduates came out with good attitude and foundation. So that, they can integrate into working environment and society easily.

Lim Sing Hooi
Managing Director of The Creation Studio

一个好的员工,最重要就是工作态度和品德修为,这两点 DASEIN 的学院生都做到了。

Kenny Chua
Creative Director of Kadokawa Gempak Starz
What Dasein grads have in common is that they have great attitude and mindset, they see things in a different perspective and are problem solvers. 
Creative Director, Grey Matterz Design

None of us shall miss the chance of having Dasein grads as they are fast learners and well trained to be patient no matter how tough the task is. Dasein grads are the most capable and valuable partners to your company's successful growth. 

Twinson Cheung
Managing Director of Pixarom

I think Dasein graduates have a good set of mind, with the right focus, they progress quickly.

Olivier Ryard
Acclaimed Hollywood VFX Artist
We have established a good relationship with Dasein, and their dedication to cultivating the best artistic talents for the art and animation industry is fully reflected in all aspects of our industry's international recognition.
Raymond Seah
Director & Co-founder of Silver Ant

Dasein graduates have a good sense of responsibility in their work, and their execution ability and work attitude are very good.

Fei Giap
Co-founder of Loka Made

We like how the grad's are being trained at Dasein. Skills and knowledge aside, most of them has good attitude, and the willingness to learn. Good attitude and personality is essential because it makes them fast-learners at the workplace.

HR Director of GLOW Production

... and many more!