Florida Animation Festival 2019 (USA)


FLORIDA, 25 July 2019 - Dasein Animation students Lee Chi Cong, Chin Pei Qi, Seet Yong Wei, Tan Chao Ren and Tong Hao Yee who took home the ‘Honorable Mention in Audience Favourites’ award at the Florida Animation Festival (FAF) 2019 recently with their six-minute animation, "The Chronicles of the Guardian Lion."

The animated short was created as a final year project as a part of the Diploma in Animation program offered at Dasein Academy of Art.

The Chronicles of the Guardian Lion tells the tale of a stone lion family that comes to life at night to protect the house they are guarding from harmful spiritual influences. “The stone lions are popular mascots with the Chinese community and often used in traditional Chinese architecture symbolising protection. In the animation, the stone lions are made to look cute and friendly compared to the stoic ones we usually find in front of buildings. This is a modern approach to spread traditional cultures. The short also touch on parental love and sacrifice for their children of a typical Asian family,” said Tong Hao Yee and Chin Pei Qi who came up with the story’s concept.

“ The Florida Animation Festival is a multi-day film festival launched in 2016 by The Tallahassee Film Society in partnership with The Pod Advertising to showcase amazing animated films and spotlight both regional and global animation talent.

In 2019, the FAF received 147 animated shorts submitted from 25 countries around the world. 

Disclaimer: All designs are copyrighted to the student, alumni or the college. Commercial use and production is strictly prohibited.