08 June 2021


KUALA LUMPUR, 8 June 2021 - Wong Ming Hao, who describes himself as a contemporary figurative artist, focuses on faces and figures in his stunning paintings. He explores every angle of the visage and form through a range of mediums, creating fascinating pieces of artwork.

“I am interested in exploring ideas and images related to a sense of uncertainty and conflict that exists underneath the exteriors of everyday life,” he said.

“I want my work to deliver an experience that one finds familiar, and strange at the same time.”

“Painting was a form of self-release. It became a way for me to examine myself, reconnect with who I am, learn about my true nature or identity and my role in this world. Creating good artwork and receiving appreciation from others or winning awards has built more confidence in me.“

What inspired you to become a painter?

When I was young, I saw a dragon, which was drawn by my father. I was amazed that you could create something from nothing, just with a pencil. I started reading a lot of comics and animation to try and imitate the drawings.

I used to draw every day until I joined Dasein Academy of Art in 2007. After graduation, I worked as a part-time artist, freelancer and teacher for a few years until 2018. Then, I joined an artist residency programme at HOM Art Trans, and began my full-time artist career.

👨‍🎨 Check out Wong Ming Hao's artist profile or get in touch at, https://minghao6323.wixsite.com/wongminghao


This is an article excerpt taken from The Sun Daily, click HERE to view the full article that is published on the news portal. 


Wong Ming Hao is also the Gold Award winner of 2020 UOB Painting of the Year (Malaysia) - Established Artist Category.