06 September 2020


MELAKA, 6 September 2020 - Ferlyn Jee is the current owner of Second Floor Coffee House at Kota Laksamana, Melaka which is renown for their coffee art, aside from their signature mille crepe cakes, otak-otak pasta, salted egg yolk squid fried rice, luncheon meat rice bowl just to name a few.

As a graduate from Dasein Academy of Art, Jee had a foundation in art. That helped but it was still challenging. She says, “To draw beautifully on milk foam is never an easy task especially when you have no one to refer to or learn from. It requires basic milk steaming skills of controlling nice foam, etching practise on accuracy and time control.”

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This is an article excerpt taken from Malay Mail, click HERE to view the full article that is published on the news portal.