29 October 2021


KUALA LUMPUR, 29 October 2021 - Kim Ng is a beneficiary of CENDANA’s Visual Arts Inspire Funding Programme 2020 (Cycle 2). His proposed project “Fire That Burns Again” aims to raise the attention and encourage the use of clay materials in the realm of fine art practice within Malaysia art scene. Ceramic making is a process of combining art and science through the firing process that changes clay materials to a stage of no return, and through the fire, it brings the ceramic works to life.

Through this funding he plans to visit local traditional ceramic industries in Kuala Kangsar and Ayer Hitam, and extend his findings from traditional ceramic making into a personal interpretation of contemporary ceramic sculpture and installation work through clay materials.

The outcome of his research will be shared to the public through physical ceramic works, exhibition and publication.

Content retrieved from Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA)'s Official Facebook page.

Kim Ng is the Head of Fine Art program at Dasein Academy of Art.

For more insight visit Kim Ng’s instagram @kim_ng_artworks