31 December 2019


KUALA LUMPUR, 31 December 2019 -  Dasein Academy's Head of Fine Art program, Kim Ng discusses the long-time misperception that Malaysian parents have when students choose Fine Art program as a further study option. He stresses that both parents and students must understand that Fine Art program is not hobby class, every piece of art produced is in relevance to our society, culture and much more. 

When it comes to art training at the college, Kim Ng notes that not every graduate will pursue the same path in becoming full-time fine artist. "Some goes into commercial illustration, photography, while some works as prop-making artists, sculptor, art teacher, gallery assistants and more, thus it is important to ensure each and every student is well-trained in a wide range of subjects, skills and abilities to give them that career flexibility."

Kim Ng is not only a lecturer but also a practicing artist. He holds a Master of Arts from London Metropolitan University, London, UK and a Master of Design & Media Art, University of Westminster, London, UK. He has over 17 years of teaching experience, having taught at University of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea College before joining Dasein Academy of Art in 2002. 

Jason Teo Jia Hao, an upcoming fine artist and student from the program also shares his thoughts and discovery from his study journey. 

"I enrolled in a Quantity Surveyor program following my sibling's advice, but later on found out that it does not fit my interest. I still completed the program in due course because the tuition fees has been paid. Upon graduating and working in the industry for a year plus, I realised that art is my calling and decided to enroll to Dasein Academy. During my studies, I learnt that one is more focused when you pursue a program that fits your interest and passion."


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