02 April 2021


PENANG, 2 April 2021 - Dasein Fine Art alumni Pegie Chook shares about her passion and specialty in creating face painting for children and PANDONE ART studio that she founded, in a feature interview with China Press.

Pegie recalls that she first dabbled in face painting back in 2011 when she was still studying at the college. She was on the look out for part-time jobs to make some extra income to sustain her living expenses. A friend who works in events management invited her to do face painting at an event and Pegie confidently took the job thinking that she has great art foundation and can paint well as a professionally-trained art student. During the event, she completed hundreds of face paintings for event-goers and the rest is history. Pegie has participated in hundreds of face painting events and occasionally she was also invited to do Henna painting.

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