Diploma in Mass Communication

Media has enormous effects on our daily lives. We are indeed living in an era where mass media shapes our cultures, impacts our perceptions, and reflects the world. It influences our mind and how we perceive almost everything, from desire to dreams. This course is complimented with a creative edge in visual communication on top of an all-rounded media training program. The synergy enables a solid content to nurture expertise in the media related subjects. We have specially designed the course for a dynamic and practical learning experience. Through frequent events and activities organized in conjunction with other faculties, you will gain a solid groundwork in mass communication and get an insight into the complex and dynamic nature of the field, and achieve a wholesome academic and personal growth.

Dasein Diploma in Mass Communication is accredited with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency ( MQA / A6270 ).

Program Structure

Introduction to Mass Communication Principles of Marketing College English
Public Speaking Desktop Publishing Theories in Mass Communication
Introduction to Business Advanced College English Essential of Public Relations
Interpersonal Communication Film Studies Visual Communication
Research Method in Communication Advertising & Promotion News Reporting & Writing
Scriptwriting Penulisan Kreatif Radio Broadcasting
Photojournalism Copywriting TV Broadcasting
Bahasa Kebangsaan or Critical Thinking Organizational Communication Pengajian Malaysia
Practicum in Mass Communication Experimental Film & Video Production Ethical Issues in Communication & Legal Framework
Print & Publication Moral dan Etika or Pendidikan Islam  

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Photographer
  • Journalist
  • PR Practioneer
  • Radio and Television Production
  • Web Broadcastor
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Planner
  • Strategic Media Consultant
  • Artist Management
  • Film Production and etc

Students' Work