Diploma in Fine Art

Artists today are living in an integrated cultural and social landscape surrounded by constant enquiries and debates of how art should be perceived. Insightful artists are becoming increasingly vital in inspiring the world by capturing and transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. With this in mind, this course has been designed to develop aesthetic senses and skills. You will explore from traditional painting techniques, art history to installation art, and eventually advance into developing individual ideas toward original masterpieces. The course frequently holds exhibitions to cultivate art appreciation and initiate dialogs between the artists and the public, giving you an open mind when the artwork elicits food for thoughts in the eye of the beholder.

Dasein Diploma in Fine Art is accredited with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency ( MQA / A6145 ).

Program Structure

Painting Drawing Color Studies
Basic Design Computer Aided Design General Art History
Bahasa Kebangsaan or Critical Thinking Watercolor Studies Art Appreciation
Digital Art Digital Photography Pengajian Malaysia
English 1 & 2 Penulisan Kreatif Technique in Style & Painting
Oil Painting 1 Print Making 1 Figure Drawing
2D Digital Application English 3 Moral & Etika or Pendidikan Islam
Art History Oil Painting 2 Print Making 2
Figure Painting Sculpture History of Malaysian Art
Final Project Portfolio 1 Installation Art Aesthetic
Final Project Portfolio 2 Art Marketing Painter Technique

Career Opportunities

  • Fine Artist
  • Art Gallery Assistant
  • Art Teacher / Lecturer
  • Art Auctioneer Advisor
  • Background Artist
  • Sculpture Designer
  • Sculptor
  • Muralist
  • Concept Artist
  • Prop Artist
  • Photographer
  • Art Instructor
  • Event Installation Artist
  • Curator and etc

Students' Work