Certificate in Visual Communication

This course will give you a strong foundation for a variety of visual communication know-how, getting you a foot in the door of the field. It aims towards lifelong learning, developing your appreciation of related fundamental knowledge, basic creative skills, technical skills and basic entrepreneurship, and facilitating an effective platform to perform effectively in the specialized areas of art & design in support of the creative industry.

Dasein Certificate in Visual Communication is accredited with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency ( MQA / PA08419 ).

Program Structure

Basic Design Principle 1 Basic Figure Drawing Color Studies
Painting Technique – Poster Color General Art Appreciation 1 Communication Skill Preparatory 1
Moral dan Etika or Pendidikan Islam Basic Design Principle 2 Basic Perspective Drawing
Painting Technique – Watercolor General Art Appreciation 2 Digital Application
Communication Skill Preparatory 2 Bahasa Kebangsaan or 
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Multimedia
Introduction to Marketing Communication Communication Skill Preparatory 3 Penulisan Kreatif
Basic Desktop Publishing Introduction to Animation Fundamental in Letterform
Basic Video Editing Pengajian Malaysia  

Students' Work