Wilson Wong Yun Sheng

Program: Diploma in Digital Media


Dasein (pronounced : da za-in).

When you hear about this college, many knew it for its Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration and Mass Communication  programs - not many would talk about their Digital Media program. I used to not understand what digital media is, what will I learn in this course, why so many are ignorant about this course?
I did my own research and found out that Dasein's Digital Media is a very diverse and comprehensive course, it sheds light on a lot of advanced technology. We learn Graphic, Drawings, Still and Moving Images (Video), Animation, Audio, Database, Photography, Drawing, Typography, Web Application and many other media-related applications. 
Dasein's Digital Media is an interesting course, you can gain a lot of knowledge not just restricted to the course we are taking but others as well. In doing this program, there are plenty of job prospects for us in the future including Digital Media Designer, New Media Designer, Web Designer, Flash Designer, Multimedia Designer, Interactive Content Designer, Flash Animator, Flash Developer, Web Programmer, Web Developer, Webmaster, Multimedia Producer and more. So, I think we need not to worry too much about job demand and employability!