UNFOLD Conceptual Book Exhibition

Event: UNFOLD Conceptual Book Exhibition
Date: 25 - 27.1.2019
Venue : AKU Cafe & Gallery

10,000 pages ...
Cozy stories of family ties, interracial love, dreams and ambition, unforgettable moments and more...
Waiting to be told. Waiting for you to unfold.

" ... as I said to the students, IF you were to leave the world someday, and there is only ONE book you can leave behind - as a memory or a legacy ... what kind of book would you produce."
- Lecturer, Lew Tau Fei 

The UNFOLD Conceptual Book Exhibition is an event where Dasein Graphic Design students came together and exhibit / share their editorial works with their peers and the public. Each publication is unique - from the story and contents, to the details in design and production. 


AKU Cafe & Gallery
8, Jalan Panggong, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

11am - 6pm

Admission is FREE.

Some of the featured publications,

By: Ng Jian Xin
德士 (Taxi)
A book about a teenager who left high school with a confusing mind of his future path. He then decided to be a taxi driver. However, the journey of picking and dropping different people led him to discover what his true interest is.

By: Lew Yow Cong
骨痛日历 (Dengue Calendar)
I was attacked with dengue fever when I was 18 and hospitalized for a week. I suffered throughout the treatment but all the hard times changed me in the way I think. This book tells my journey during the fever.

By: Heng Yee Teng 
生离 · 死别 (SeeYou • Goodbye)
The minds automatically remember happy stories but sad memories are important and we shall never forget, letting them help to form better us. This is a book of all my unhappy moments. Life is like getting onto a train and no one will accompany us from beginning to end. Things may go contrary to our wishes. We should keep the memories and move on with our life.
Disclaimer: All designs are copyrighted to the student and the Academy. Commercial use and production is strictly prohibited.