Event: QUIRK-WORKY Art Bazaar
Date: 23 - 30.1.2019
Venue : Dasein Gallery

“Quirky-Worky, let’s go wonky!”


A bunch of Dasein Graphic Design students, along with their loony and peculiar traits, are here to spark up an art market that is as willy and wonky as themselves! Exclusive designs specially by the team for this market that runs around from the traditionalism of our culture to the quaint and bluntness of fun.

The witty and the silly, all in one at the Quirky-Worky Art Bazaaaaaar. So if you’re feeling shy and all, just remember that THEY ARE NOT! *winks*

Come forth and join us as we venture into the world of “Quirky-Worky”, where imagination and creativity knows no boundaries. Together let’s embrace the weirdness in you and me.

Admission is FREE.

Some of the featured self-made brands,

  • Supermoon
    Owner:Tracy Fua
    烦恼在这个时代熊熊燃烧, 我们不需要Superman来拯救,而是需要一个Supermoon来为我们带来欢乐。抛开烦恼, 一起来和Supermoon耍废吧!
    With anxiety steadily on the rise, what this world needs is not a Superman to save our lives, but a Supermoon to bring us joy. Leave your worries behind and come have fun with Supermoon!
  • Chew Chew
    Owner:Rachel Chan
    马来西亚, 一座闻名世界的美食天堂。三大民族都有自己独特的风俗, 美食极为多样, 令人垂涎三尺, 欲罢不能。以水彩方式来呈现各种美食, 回味下我们日常生活中所吃的地道食物, 吃货们 别流口水哦!
    Malaysia food is one of the most unique cuisines in the world with many cultural influences. The first thing you should know about Malaysian is they are passionate about food, full of local delicacy that you just couldn’t resist!
  • 系结 Xi Jie
    Owner: Jessica Wong
    Chinese knot is a unique traditional handicraft art that began as a form of Chinese folk art in China; each knot has different names and meanings according to its shape. Xi Jie is using the theme of China knot combined with modern jewellery to become bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bookmarks, etc. Come out a balance between the past and the future, tradition and innovation. To let Chinese knot can be integrated into the modern society, more people know. 
  • 小时光 Little time
    Owner: Michelle Yow
    Believe that most of the people have play the traditional games during their childhood. As technologies developed, many of the traditional games was replaced by electronic devices. In order to preserve these traditional games, we are creating some similarity games that we used to play together and to remember the traditional games bring joyful little time while they still as a kids.
  • 奇怪人 Weirdman
    Owner: Allen Chan 啊懒禅
    What Weirdman wants to tell the public is to embrace the weirdness inside of every individual. As it is, most of the time people scrutinize individuals for having unique personalities or thoughts. In fact, not only is being weird good, but it means that someone is special.
  • 致命一级 GG Lv1
    Owner: Edwin, Ally, Fyonn
    The current living styles, attitudes, and personality of modern human. Criticism has became a norm and culture for the modern human. It brings us together and slowly become a part of our life.It enables us to convey the message from our thoughts.Those who lived by the sword die by the sword. Those who lived by the criticism die by criticism.We criticize; we bring message. We being criticized; we learnt from it.
  • Ham Yeah 咸野
    Owner: June, Stephanie, Feng Qing, Weng Lok
    Sexuality is not a bad thing, but we always avoid touching this topic. Sexuality is a beautiful and natural behaviour, but wrong information will bring bad experience even hurting both bodies. Therefore, we hope that we can pass a positive and correct sexuality information, to break how the public see sexuality.
    Owner: Shee Yong Kang, Tnee Shi Fu
    We advocate a streamlined lifestyle by revealing your taste in simplicity and found yourself within it. It's simple but not simply. It's a attitude towards your life. It’s waiting you ahead. Let discover your spirit of simplicity!
  • Wild Child 野孩子
    Owner:Choo Jing Xin 朱璟欣
    Being an adult could be daunting sometimes, let Wild Child take you back to the carefree days of youth with playful designs inspired by childhood experience. Come get yourself a capsule toy and have some snacks, unleash your inner child and be wild!

Disclaimer: All designs are copyrighted to the student and the Academy. Commercial use and production is strictly prohibited.