Illustration Final Year Student Showcase: Paper °C

Event: Illustration Final Year Student Showcase - Paper °C
Date: 15.12.2018 - 16.1.2019
Venue : Dasein Academy campus @ Gallery

Does art has temperature? That depends.

If it is created with passion, it feels warm. Cold, if not. The 'boiling point' of art varies from one person to another. Some wanted popularity, others just create out of interest, there are those who create art to express their thoughts or convey a message. At the Paper °C showcase, the work compilation aims to let artists and guests feel and understand the ‘boiling point’ of the students' creations.

What to expect at the showcase:

A total of 26 students from the Diploma in Illustration program will be exhibiting over 50 pieces of various works under two different cateogies: self-promoting & branding vs comic illustration.

Details about the showcase,

Open to public as per the Academy's normal opening hours.

Admission is FREE.


Illustration by Cody Soh Jin Cheng

Illustration by Crystal Leaw Wei Yi

Illustration by Choong Chi Ni