Illustration Final Year Student Showcase: Cube Apartment

Event: Illustration Final Year Student Showcase - Cube Apartment
Date: 23 April - 27 May 2019
Venue : Dasein Academy campus @ Gallery

The "Cube Apartment" exhibition is specially put together by Dasein Illustration students batch DIL163. Come let your thoughts roam free and far as you soak up what these young artists has to offer via their artworks. 

The Cube Apartment is a combination of a Rubik's cube and an apartment.

  • Each of them owns a different space and has different styles. 
  • Thirteen (13) people who have different goals are staying together and helping each other due to their same passion into drawing. Here is the place where Batch DIL 163 meets and blooms together.

What to expect at the showcase:

Multiple artworks from thirteen (13) young and talented artists from illustrations to concept art, digital painting and more in a whirlwind of various styling and approach.

Details about the showcase,

Open to public as per the Academy's normal opening hours. Weekdays: 9am - 6pm | Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am - 4pm

Admission is FREE.


Illustration by Siow Hui Inn (


Illustration by Yap Chun Kit (


Presented by Tang Jing Kang, Chiew Ai Jia & Chong Sook Jeng

Please visit the "Cube Apartment" Exhibition to view more artworks.
Free postcard-souvenirs for visitors on a first come first serve basis.