Spanish Illustrator, Pepe Serra's Conference & Workshop

Event: Spanish Illustrator, Pepe Serra's Conference & Workshop
Date: 27 July 2019
Venue : Dasein Academy campus @ Lecture Hall


<From Words to Images> Conference & Workshop by Pepe Serra, award-winning illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. Pepe Serra is an awarded illustrator (he preferred to be known as 'graphic communicator') who develops conceptual illustrations for newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies around the world from his studio in Tarragona. Check out his works here,

【Conference】11AM - 12.30PM | LE Hall
How to translate the concept of the article or the briefing into an illustration. FREE admission. All Dasein students and alumni are welcome to join.


【Workshop】2PM - 4PM | Room VR2
*Limited seats. Fee is RM30 per pax. Please register at Reception with Madam Lim.

This program is part of Dasein Edu-Lab series where experts and professionals from the industry are invited to guide and inspire our students to further unearth their creative best.