1-1 Showcase : Year 2018 First Semester Exhibition

Event: 1-1 Showcase : Year 2018 First Semester Exhibition
Date: 1 - 16.11.2018
Venue : Dasein Academy campus & gallery


1-1 Showcase celebrates the efforts and visible growth of Dasein Academy's students who just joined us and embark upon their Diploma studies in 2018. The various works on exhibit include their individual homeworks and group projects in just under ONE SEMESTER in their FIRST YEAR of study.

Some of the topics covered include: colour theories, principle of design, art history, painting techniques, design softwares, craftmanship and more. The works on exhibit reflected what they achieved in just under 14 weeks with the guidance from Dasein's lecturers.

"Give me time and I'll give you revolution." - Alexander McQueen, British designer & couturier

We cordially invite the public, Dasein alumni, industry partners, teachers, parents and those who are looking forward to join the creative arts industry someday - to come forth and check out the students' hard work.
Please send us an inbox message or Whatsapp 011 - 26892990 for course counselling, campus tour and 1-1 Showcase tour.