MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Digital Interactive Art Exhibition

V2.0 was an interactive digital arcade game inspired by old arcade game - Air Hockey in order to enhance players’ digital interactive experience Air Hockey.


We acknowledge that the youngsters nowadays spend most of their time in front of computer; this may cause the problems of obesity and weak social skills. Therefore to solve this issue, the idea of V2.0 comes out. Students create a digital arcade games no longer display on screen. It’s expand the experienced from interactive games (ex: Wii, Xbox and so on) to a larger interface by using projection mapping and step machine. It’s a mass projection game on floor that requires audience to sweat while playing it.

By introducing V2.0, students hope audience can experience what new technologies can provide to us without leaving human instinct. By playing V2.0, audiences can use game to sport and having fun together with friends and family. This is what they can never experience while playing computer games.


Making of:


Credit by :

Chan Quo Khun, Isaac Tan, Quek Xing Zhi, Tan Kuo Feng, Chua Soo Ee