MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Multimedia Authoring 3

Recyc-mon is a mini game about feeding a monster with education method. The purposes of this game are giving a fun way to let children to remember the meaning of recycle bin colour. Because now days children’s education are become stressful and stressful, so this mini game is created to make a fun ways to educate and help them easy to memorise the meaning of recycle bin’s colour. Also, artist design this game with relaxing feel because this might help children calm down their nervous mood, when long time for keep leaning with stress not only obliterate the curiosity of children in learning, also affect their physiological and psychological growth.

In this game, have a recycle bin monster name Recyc-mon, and have rubbish drop down from sky, then what the player need to do is click the correct button to lead the Recyc-mon to eat the rubbish. Because this game is target for 4 to 8 years old children, so the game is designed with simple layout to let children easy to understand how to interact with it. The style of game is more to cute and clean.

Let see how the game is,


This is the home page, it only have 1 button to start the game, so it is very easy to tell children how to start the game.


When then game is started, there will have rubbishes drop down toward recyc-mon, player must click the correct colour button following the rubbish type to lead recyc-mon eat the rubbish,


When the recyc-mon eat the rubbish with correct colour, the player will get 1 score, till the end see who is higher score player.


If the player is too late to lead recyc-mon to eat the rubbish, the rubbish will hit off recyc-mon, and the game is over.


Also, if the player are lead recyc-mon to eat the rubbish with wrong colour, recyc-mon will get food poisoning and game over.


Yes, when game over the score board will come out with only 1 button for restart.


Let’s look the design, this is Recyc-mon, the main character of this game


And their emotion when Food poisonous or beaten


The Rubbish :


And some interface element :


Hope this game can The purposes of this game can bring fun to children and help them remember the meaning of recycle bin colour


Credit by :

Lim Ching Xian