Personality Lab

MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Final Project Studio
PROJECT TITLE Personality Lab

This is a graduation project that creates by student - Chan Ming Zhen. She use interactive art combines with personality test in order for people to understand themselves and learn effectively communication.


In this exhibition has 3 parts, therefore it has 3 processes. The first process is every visitor will get a digital test when they visit the exhibition. Visitors can choose to scan the QR code to get to the test, or use the device that prepared by her. This digital test will return the personality type of the user as result.

Click to Do Test

The Second process is the wire interactive art that not only explain the visitor their personality type and also other’s personality type. There are 16 difference wire arts, each represent difference personality type. When the visitors touch the wire art, there is a sound coming out from it.


The last process is game. This game is to test visitor is it understand him/her personality to avoid less conflict but more kindliness with others. Also, this game is an interactive game. It using step machine to create the interaction, therefore, when playing it, visitor can do exercise too.


Game Interface :


Want to learn more? Let’s watch the short clip about Personality Lab.


Credit by :

Chen Ming Zhen