Interactive Art - LAMPU 2019 (Putrajaya)

MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Interactive Art
PROJECT TITLE Interactive Art - LAMPU 2019 (Putrajaya)

A very great news from Putrajaya! Dasein Digital Media team won FIRST PLACE and cash prize worth RM10,000.00 at the projection mapping competition at LAMPU 2019 (Putrajaya Light and Motion) having competed against teams from other universities and colleges in Malaysia! 


LAMPU Projection Mapping Competition is the first Projection Mapping Competition at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya. The theme is “Beauty Malaysia”. So, the projection mapping is talk about the story of malaysia. Since the day of Malaysia Independence, Malaysia never stop improving, from group every culture together to now developing become a technological advance country. We are multicultural, innovative, international achievements and multi-languages.


The Starting, Hornbill is one of the representative animals in malaysia. The hornbill is knocking the building means that the old has passed and the new is coming.


The scene of countdowning Malaysia Merdeka Day 31 August 1957. The new start of Malaysia.


The building will form a flower scene, which is bunga raya Malaysia.


Then transform to Malaysia 4 difference cultures. First is culture of Malayu, The building will show some Melayu culturistic elements. i.e. Rumah Ibu, Ketupat and Pelita In between the pillar will have wayang kulit.


Second, the culture of Chinese, the projection will show some Chinese culturistic elements, i.e. Chinese temple , lantern ,dragon and Lion dance.


Third, the culture of Hindu, the building will show some Hindu culturistic elements, also, will have some animation of hindu culture.


Fourth, the Dayak culture, the building will show some dayak culturistic elements. The building will change to long house covered in the natural environment. They is a giant Dayak playing drum instrument.


Because of our multicultural Malaysia are transforming to advance technology country. This scene is meaning that Malaysia is advance.


We even have our first Astronaut.


We have many international achievements includes few significant buildings.


And we also multi-Languages.


Last, we are beautiful and we create love among. The End.


Let’s watch the advertising video, enjoy.


Credit by :

by Lim Ching Xian, Jenny Su Kai Wen, Chan Wai Fong, Wong Xing Kai and Wong Si Ying.