MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Digital Audio & Video

House decoration is one of the main cultures for Chinese in Chinese New Year. It not only a culture but also one of the family activity. But nowadays, a lot of people are busying in their own life, therefore, this culture activity becomes unpopular.

Decorate is a microfilm that talks about a family are doing preparation for Chinese New Year.


The Main Character is a secondary school student.


He live with his father an mother.


He also have a brother,


And a sister.


One day, when he going back home after school, he saw the neighbourhood is decorating their house to prepare for Chinese New Year.


So he start doing research for how to decorate their own house.


And invite his family members to join together.


But he realized when the day they plan to decorate their house, end up, no one there, and he has fail to contact them too.


So curious to know what going happen after that? Let’s watch the microfilm.


Credit by :

Chan Wai Fong, Yip Ting Wei, Christine Wong Yun Jie, Damian Low Han Yang