MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Final Project Studio

Chefighter is a mobile game that created by 3 art students: Lee Chee Liang, Tan Ze Qiang and Chan Chun Fung. In this mobile, they’re using 2D and simple graphics as their game styling to attract children.


This game is talk about a father wanted to train his son to become a chef. In order to become a chef the son has to collect ingredients by his own. So, the adventure started.


The game is designed with two type of attacking skills, one is physically attack and another is magically attack.


Of cause the enemies are the food that the son going to collect, like mushroom, carrot and else.


There are so far two levels in the game. Different level represent difference recipe of the food.


Click DOWNLOAD to get Chefighter and challenge the higher score.


Credit by :

Lee Chee Liang, Tan Ze Qiang, Chan Chun Fung