Medieval Tavern

MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Introduction to 3D
PROJECT TITLE Medieval Tavern

“Medieval Tavern” is 3D interior model design about a place for rural people dining and relaxing.


Student is using yellow light to make the candle light effect. This will create the feel of relaxing meanwhile added some smoky effect to show there are people smoked in there.


The story of this model art was talking about the village was facing an assault few minutes ago, and the villagers was flight from the tavern. Because of the fight, there are some tableware were accidentally broken by the villager who tried to escape. Also, the assault was too sudden, therefore, the fire on the candle haven extinguished, and villager left his key when rush to escape.


In “Medieval Tavern” project, student is putting effort to creating the vintage feeling on every object.


Credit by :

Chan Wai Fong