Brighten Up

MAJOR Digital Media
SUBJECT Digital Interactive Art Exhibition

Brighten was an interactive digital art exhibition that gather few interactive and installation art.

There were two areas in this exhibition, that is internal therapy and external therapy (environment caring). The internal therapy is more to psychotherapy and the external therapy is more to environmental caring. Each of the projects will bring out their own massage about internal cure and external caring.


Let’s see, what interactive art project has exhibited:


External therapy - Save Every Drop of Water

This interactive art project is talk about the important of save water, there have a faucet, when the screen showing the water is dropping, player must turn the faucet off to save the water. It reminds audience to turn of water when not using it.


External therapy - Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution

Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution is an interactive art project which talk about take care the hygienic of ocean.

So, how it interact with the audience?

There is a game created by students and projected on the wall. There also have a floor of trashes, dustbin display in the middle of the hall. Audience have to pick the trash throw into the dustbin to play with the game. When audience pick the trashes and throw into the dustbin, the trash is link to the screening ocean’s trashes. Once the trash was throwing, the trashes in the ocean will reduce. Once the trashes clear from the ocean, it will save the animal in the ocean.

Therefore, this installation is to bring out the massage of “please throw the rubbish into Dustbin, not ocean”


Internal therapy - Happy Cat

This is an interactive art project which allows audience playing with or petting an animal to increase levels of the stress-reducing. Based on research, playing and petting animal can let allow body generate hormone oxytocin to reduce stress. So the student are creating a digital cat, to let audience playing and petting with in order to create the feeling of happiness.


Internal therapy - Alien Just Go Back

Alien Just Go Back is a game that lets people doing physical exercise to reduce their stress by throwing virtual basketball. The virtual ball is an alien form. The concept of this game is come from three reason, some people choose playing game to release stress, some people choose exercise to release stress and also some might feel releasing when they see their enemy are vanquish. So, this interactive game combine all these three core reasons let audience play with it.


Internal therapy – “Seeing” the Voice

A simple art project that using a comfortable music and virtual environment to let people feel relax. Nowadays a lot of people like to share their feeling or status on social media. They enjoying the feeling of sharing and they want other to understand them. Yet some people might not do that to voice out their feeling or hopes. Therefore, students combine with app created an interactive art project to let audience custom their own wind chimes and write comments on it. This might allow audience voice of their feeling and feel release when feeling being share.


Here is the video about this exhibition and the behind the scene, enjoy.


Credit by :

Soo Jun Chong, Chan Wai Fong, Wong Xing Kai, Pang Xing Yi, Sitoh Kwong Sen, Liew Yeat Houng, Low KinTuck